Super Mario Kids Room

Room Design

Take your gaming experience to next level with this Super Mario bros. kids bedroom. This room will transport you directly into the classic video game. The walls replicate a level in the Super Mario Bros. series and wrap around the room reaching the end of the level where Bowser has captured Princess Peach. There’s loads of fun and excitement to be had In this room.

Furniture, Props, and Decor

After painting the walls a sky blue, the end portion was taped off in a zigzag pattern and painted black. A cloud wall border, land panels, and vinyl stickers were then installed. Custom furniture pieces are the end of level castle headboard for the twin size bed and the Super Mario brick block floating shelving for housing Electronics. Props include; A vine block, warp pipe, steps to the flagpole, small brick blocks, a flagpole, and a Bowser bridge.